The DMCI Technical Training Center is the brainchild project of the late Engr. David M. Consunji, the Founding Chairman of DMCI.

The DMCI Technical Training Center’s purpose is to operate as an umbrella learning institution of the DMCI Group of Companies and allied industries, to train human resources to excel in management, leadership, supervision, trade skills competencies, and to adapt the DMCI philosophy and core values.

training executive job description
“In the end, it is your work that will teach you, not anyone person. And if you do not love your work, you will not understand it.”
David M. Consunji, Founder – DMCI

In 2006, prior to its registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the D.M. Consunji Technical Training Center or DMCTTCI started as a Training Section in the Human Resources Department of the D.M. Consunji, Inc. (DMCI). Its thrust was on catering to the technical training needs of the operation group of DMCI.

During this time, the same Training Section initiated a series of 2-day behavioral training among the technical and administrative staff of DMCI. Practically all of the staff, from Project Managers down to Office Clerks to the Foremen and Capataz of DMCI, underwent this training program which is one of the flagship programs of DMCTTCI, the Quality of Worklife Seminar (QWS).

A year later, in the first quarter of 2006, the Training Section spearheaded the processing of the registration papers of what would later become the D.M. Consunji Technical Training Center, Inc. On the 15th of August of that same year, DMCTTCI was officially registered in the rolls of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Thus, DMCTTCI was born.

The years that followed saw the expansion of its operation and training services. From a Training Section that caters only to DMCI, DMCTTCI now caters to the diversified learning and developmental needs of its affiliated Strategic Business Units (SBU’s) in the DMC Holdings Group which covers construction (vertical and horizontal), housing, waterworks, mining, and power. Besides this, it also provides training to the public, particularly for construction and its allied sectors.


To be recognized as one of the leading learning institutions in construction and its allied industry by 2021.


Training people
Transforming lives
Creating a better future

Core Values


Actively strives to complete assigned tasks and achieve goals by demonstrating the highest level of performance while maintaining a positive attitude.


Caring for our company as if we are also its owners and always thinking and doing what is best for our company.


Determines and acts upon the needs of both internal and external customers with urgency by providing quality projects/products and superior service.


Always doing the right things in all situations that involve oneself, others, and the community.